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The School Leadership

  • Strengthen the alignment between classroom core reading program, supplemental intervention, and afterschool programs to increase instructional cohesiveness

  • Provide universal screening in the primary grades, so that extra support services may be provided in reading instruction.

  • Guide the school leadership in the operational considerations to coordinate and integrate the program into the school year.


Instruction and Intervention

  • Core Reading Program – must contain the NRP and NELP Essential Components of Reading Instruction with supplements as necessary.

  • Structured Literacy Intervention provided with intensity required and delivered by skilled interventionists

  • Identify and coordinate partners for intervention opportunities in school and community


Professional Development

  • Evidence based training for classroom and intervention delivery

  • Onsite technical assistance for application of the critical elements and routines within the class and intervention settings.

  • Identify lead teacher(s) to communicate information to colleagues for ongoing technical assistance needs in building internal capacity as part of the sustaining feature of the program.


Assessment and Data Review

  • Screening conducted three times per year

  • Progress Monitoring as needed to evaluate instructional needs and changes necessary

  • Diagnostic Assessments conducted as needed to identify areas of continued need

  • Quarterly Data Reviews to monitor school, class, and individual progress for as part of teacher feedback loop

  • Outcome Data and Reporting on overall progress yearly

We are an approved provider of Act 48 hours

Contact us for more information about how we can help implement our evidence-based, structured literacy program in my school/district. 


Our Reading Program...

Will demonstrate how to provide evidence-based early screening and early intervention for all.  Our goal is to provide intensive instruction and make a positive impact on the early outcome of reading thus reducing the need for further intervention.  This program includes four major components for implementation within the school environment:
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